Friday, November 28, 2008

baby steps

If you push long enough, eventually something will push back, even something small. I have a little job for the Christmas season - the same thing I did last year for Shasta, plus going to the Market on Saturday mornings with the booth. It's not a lot, but it will get me out of the house and make a little money to cover the inevitable costs of the season (bus tickets, ferry hot chocolate, Christmas junk food).

Also, I spent a few hours at the computer lab Sean was monitoring last night and finished up my JET application. At this point, all I need is Kate's letter of reference, which is currently being finished up and emailed to Amy so I can pick it up and mail everything out together on time (in Kate's defence, she was laid out with strep for two weeks and thus out of the office until midweek). My feelings are kind of mixed on JET - I don't want to leave Sean behind for a year while he finishes his degree. On the other hand, it's terrific experience for my DFAIT ambitions, and I should come back with pretty good Japanese, and I've always wanted to live in Japan for a while (in fact, if my five year plan goes as I hope, I could eventually work in the embassy there), and unless something unexpected happens I'm unlikely to get a decent job in Fredericton.

And I did my good deed for the week: last night Megan interviewed me as the focus of a story she's putting together for her radio journalism class. It's about being an accomplished BA graduate and not being able to find work in Fredericton, so I'm pretty okay talking about it. It's only really going to be heard by her prof, but I think I did fairly well - full sentences and so on.

So now I'm heading over to a sort of emergency D&D session (hard to explain) before Sean and I take off to his parents' place for the weekend to dogsit. We'll have the station wagon to drive up and back, so we are filling it with laundry and violins and possibly broken furniture to repair. I'm looking forward way too much to the curried salmon we're planning to make for supper.


Blogger dp said...

Have a great weekend. I am glad you are going to be out in the public for the season, to enjoy the sounds and bussle of the Xmas shopping season. Great time to people watch too...
I love salmon, and I think maybe I would even like curried salmon if it was just a littled curried...

8:47 AM  

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