Sunday, October 26, 2008

sunday night photo session

Because Michelle was so kind as to post some pictures of her babies today, here's some pictures I managed to snap with Photobooth a minute ago when the shy one decided to hang out on the couch with me and be cute.

Last night's pub crawl, despite being the smallest ever, was pretty fun. We maxed out at, I believe, six participants, though that would be counting both Angus and myself, which only happened for about ten seconds, as he joined the crawl just as I was bailing on account of exhaustion. I'm hoping some of the pictures surface over the next day or so; we tried to fill the photos with as many miscellaneous limbs as possible in order to make it look full. Also, UPS lost the shirts, so we had some fairly ghetto head/armbands Marie's mom made from an old bedsheet and a Sharpie.

Tomorrow, I hope to hear from the recruiting people at CIBC. They're supposed to contact me either way, so let's hope it's good news.


Blogger dp said...

you have a black and white cat? Don't believe it! Photoshop.. I think...
fingers crossed for CIBC

6:20 AM  

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