Wednesday, November 26, 2008

another no thank you

It seems I have less and less to write about, as the days get shorter and colder and I stay inside more. The guest room is finally together; the living room is pleasantly Christmassy; the cats spend a good deal of time moving from one comfortable napping zone to another.
Aside from the usual sifting through job banks and career resources and sending out five or ten resumes every few days, the only action on my job hunt was a somewhat anticlimactic phone call today, where the receptionist promised to have the HR girl email me. And she did. They are finished hiring for now, though they frequently need more people and will let me know if they want to pick me up. I always thought that "we'll get back to you and let you know either way" meant that when hiring was done, I would get a saddening but cathartic phone call to let me know, but this is two jobs in a row that I had to badger for an answer.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that. I am back to coffee shops at this point. I had already perused the job offerings of the day before making my ill-fated phone call, and sent out another five resumes, so I spent an hour or so combing through random other cities and getting a little bummed about my chances of getting a job from this far away when I can't even land something here. There are a couple of call centers who have posted jobs closing the end of December, but none earlier, so it's hard to say what comes next, barring an answer to one of my many applications.


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