Friday, June 27, 2008


It's been a real drag sitting around the apartment all day with nothing to do for the past couple of months, so when I had the chance to get out and spend two days at the office to fill in for Roseline, I jumped at it. Between yesterday and today, I got a lot of work done - most of what they wanted done, actually. Today would have been the more productive day, being alone in the office on a Friday before a holiday weekend (in a government town, this means that there is no way anyone will call). However, it was the last day for submissions for a show, which meant there were all sorts of visitors and calls all day, and the Arts Center is having its windows replaced. Today was the day they replaced almost all of our gallery windows. Power tools! Moving artwork to protect it! Glue fumes!
So in the midst of this, Dr. Black sent me an email. He is, if you recall, the professor I worked for in the spring, and his car bit my finger. Anyway, he wanted to let me know that Jason (with whom I was digging at Florenceville last winter) was looking for some people to do some archaeological fieldwork, and would I be interested?
Would I?!
When I got home, half-crazed with fumes, there was a phone message on my phone in reply to my email - happy to have me on board! heading out on Monday morning!
We'll be nearby, so I'll be working ten hour days and coming home every night, and it'll probably take about three weeks, and I am so, so excited. I need to send apologies to CIBC and contact Amy to see what to do about the NBCC, but... so, so excited.


Blogger dp said...

Nice to read such good news. This time next week, you will be draggin butt... after 50 hours of field work. But, baby, that's what its all been about, right, so congratulations! I am so happy for you. Your good news certainly brightened my day too.

7:54 PM  
Blogger GailM. said...

YIPPEE... see it's the law of attraction, the secret, or what ever. The minute you are actively doing stuff, stuff happens. Great news. Enjoy the field work! And enjoy the delema of "which job do I pursue"... not everyone has choices!!

7:07 AM  

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