Tuesday, April 29, 2008


1. The internet is down, of course (it would have to die as soon as I'm at home full time while Sean is away at work all day, that's just how things go), so I'm at Reads, checking my email and my marks, and the news, over a quiet cup of coffee. It's pouring out today, and the internet tells me it's the same province wide, which means that the river, who was looking defeated, is rising again and is expected to come up to the levels of two years ago. Some gold from that article:
Harry Bridges, 86, of Sheffield, told CBC News on Monday that he would be moving his furniture and appliances up on blocks.

"You couldn't find a better place," he said of the community, and vowed that he won't be leaving. "But you have that worry every year about what can happen and what does happen every once in a while."

Bridges said the worst floods in his memory are the ones in 1934, 1936 and 1973.

"In '73 it was up to the indicator on the oven door on the kitchen range," Bridges said.
That would be the Famous Flood of '73, the flood that was so much more devastating than any of these wimpy floods we have these days. As soon as the rain lets up, I'll try and get out there with the camera and get some pictures.

2. As to everything else - no calls about work. That more or less sums it up. The weekend was fairly quiet, mainly catching up on Battlestar with Sean, and yesterday I cleaned up around the house and did dishes. In the morning I went for a long walk, up to the university to see Sean and check my mail, then over to Superstore. On the way back from Superstore I ran into Amanda, an anth student I met in Mexico, and I went for a drive with her and had lunch with her and her boyfriend.
I'm trying to adjust to the quiet life, but I still feel pretty edgy. I'm trying to lend some routine to my life with walking and so on, but the rain has sort of knocked that out of today's plan. I'm hoping that when I figure out the rest of the summer, everything else will fall into place and I'll be able to relax a little more. Mom and Sean keep telling me I should relax and enjoy the time off while I can, and I'm trying, but I'm still tense.

3. Today? More dishes, possibly some laundry. I'm thinking about using up some of the random yarn and/or fabric I've gathered up to keep busy. Let's see if I can't find a way to be more zen about all this.

Edit: Please mark this day on your calendar as the first time I have ever had a useful response from Aliant Support. The running theory is that the outlet surged, as it is sometimes wont to do, and blanked the username and password settings for both the router and the modem. It's all working again now, thank God.


Blogger dp said...

Bravo for the walking yesterday, and bravo for lunch with an aquantance, bravo for blogging and YIPEE for your internet coming back on !!!

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