Tuesday, October 14, 2008

obey the stoat

C/o CuteOverload.

I'm voting Liberal today. Not, it must be said, because I like their issues particularly, or because I think Mr. Dion is persuasive (though I must say I think he gets way more heat than he should for really nebulous reasons, which mostly seem to boil down to "he's just not wacky enough for me"). No, today I am voting Liberal, because I am in Greenwood, and while the majority of this riding doesn't vote Conservative, they are perilously close to taking it because the NDP and Liberal parties are doing some serious votesplitting. While I am all about the various lefty parties - Jack Layton's quips make me snigger, and Elizabeth May is pretty great on a lot of levels - my crushing hatred of the Conservative Party outweighs my inclination to make a point with my vote.
In my last post I mentioned a site, Vote For Environment, that can help you sort out who to vote for if you are similarly inclined. I like them. They have advised my sister and her entire town to vote Green, for example, and I sincerely hope they do. But the important thing, I think, is to vote, full stop. Vote! It is not so horribly inconvenient as all that and it doesn't take much time. Vote vote vote! Baby stoat!


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