Thursday, December 13, 2007

macbooks aren't supposed to smoke

1. The exam, as it turns out, was not so bad. Instead of the "translate these passages" I was dreading, it turned out to be "translate four of these eight passages", which is a very different kettle of fish. Cuddly, friendly fish instead of bitey and possibly poisonous ones. I suspect that I made a solid C on it, possibly even a B if he is touched by the magic of Christmas and the spirit of giving.

2. The rest of yesterday was a blur, mainly because I kept trying to take naps and kept getting woken up after ten minutes. We didn't go to the NBCC Christmas party (instead of fun at Kate's house like last year, it was a party here at the office, which is a very chilly twenty minute walk from home over icy sidewalks). We did, however, get to the Vienna Boys' Choir. A definite perk of my current job is the free tickets to sold out performances, and a 500-year-old choir is a rare thing in Fredericton. They sang beautifully, and it was especially interesting to hear songs sung in German by people who actually speak it - almost as cool to see twenty-five little boys standing on choir raisers and not pushing each other off for a whole two hours.

3. Sean had an exam this morning - he probably got an A or even an A+ in intro Anth; I credit years of listening to me babble about it. And all the feverish studying after the concert, too, I guess. He also got to journey uptown to buy a replacement power cord for his Macbook. It's been sort of broken for about a week, but last night it actually melted through the cord and started smoking, which tends to be the official time-to-buy-a-new-one sign.
I've been at work all day, updating the webpage and producing the e-News. I was supposed to be making a newsletter. Remember my little temper tantrum about two weeks ago where I said the deadline was last week, and I just knew that no one would have their write up in? Well, I was wrong. The deadline was yesterday, and no one had their write up in. Knowing full well that I would be out of town this weekend, as of tomorrow, and that if we don't have a newsletter mailed out by next Friday we will be endangering our provincial grant... they just didn't bother. So I'm going to come in after my last exam on Monday and do it then, before leaving town that night. Argh, etc.

4. That's right, leaving town at 7 am tomorrow morning with Gail and Mert to visit my little sister in the 'Nish for a couple of days. Tomorrow is her birthday, too, which is fairly exciting. I'm looking forward to getting away for a few days...


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