Saturday, November 24, 2007

crawling through the snow

1. I had managed to get through five and a half years of post-secondary education without ever going on a pub crawl, and now I don't think I will ever go on one again, because it just won't be as much fun as last night.
Almost everyone from the Anth society was there, except for Ellis, who was out at her annual Black Friday shopping spree, and the Ninja, who I really should have blackmailed into coming along. By the time I'd gotten to the first stop, the Cellar (a pub on campus in the basement of the SUB, not to be confused with the Social Club in the attic), almost everyone was there and pretty drunk already, playing an impressively bad round of pool. We picked up some more - Kristine and a few guy friends of hers, and Amanda with her (off-duty) campus police friends - at Mexi's after taking cabs downtown - and froze when it began to snow a bit on the two block journey to the Capital, sort of claustrophobic bar with a neat little dance bar upstairs called the Phoenix. I've never really liked the Capital, and have only really been there for shows, but I'd never been up to the Phoenix and it's rather nice. We danced like morons for a bit, mostly trying to keep Fraser from falling down and knocking someone out with his flailing.
The next stop was the one I intended to make my last stop - Boom, properly spelled Boom! but sort of awkward in a sentence. It's the closest thing to a gay bar that Fredericton has, which means that all the bar stars and awkward guys you'd normally find in a club steer clear, and they actually play, you know, dance music, not just dance remixes of the latest hits (though there are those, too). Sean and I used to go there in the days when we went out, but I haven't been there in ages - they've renovated the upstairs a bit and gotten more popular since then. They also have theme nights pretty often. The summer has a different colour theme more or less every weekend, and last night was the Blackout Party - lots of black light and free black light reactive paint, which combined with a pub crawl makes for a lot of interestingly glowy Anthropology students painting each other's faces and throwing paint at each other.
The last stop was Sweets/Rodeo, a pretty popular club called Sweetwaters sharing space with a country bar called the Rockin' Rodeo. I don't do Sweets, so I was planning to ditch the end of the pub crawl and go home to get some sleep to come in to work, but on the way out Marie and I ran into Stu, who was at Boom too, and told me that Megan Mackay (away these past days) was back in town and showing up too, so I stayed with Stu and danced with Megan for a while when she showed up. All in all a really good night. I just wish that Sean was here for it.

2. So here I am at work, and after this I'll be going home and reading James Bond and knitting, I imagine. I have no real plans except the knitting and a bit of homework until Monday morning. I might give Anne a call, but I'm a little peopled-out after last night.


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well, I am so glad you enjoyed your pub crawl. I still can't believe you went to one!!! so fun. Keep blogging

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