Friday, November 16, 2007

I hate November

1. It's raining cats and dogs today, and I still haven't gotten my umbrella back from Anne, so I imagine it will be a wet walk home. A fitting end to a long week.
It's not that I had a bad week - there were definitely a lot of high points - but I'm tired from the semester already, and there are still a few more weeks to go, with assignments and classes and papers and translating, translating, translating. I've always had rough Novembers - I do a lot of sneaking around avoiding professors in Novembers, which is always a bad sign - and I almost always make it through more or less unscathed, but it seems like the weather, the nature of student loans, and the coursework all conspire to make our lives difficult.

2. A high point: the Dean's List Dinner. I did actually and truly make the Dean's List, which is a first for me, and very exciting in its way. Originally I wasn't all that worked up - after all, I still have the same GPA now that I did a month ago - but the difference is that everyone else gets very excited. Mom sent me money for a dress for the dinner, so we went shopping on Monday and bought a little black dress, which, contrary to what everyone believes about my wardrobe, is the first black dress I've owned since my prom dress. I have pictures, but no internet, and I even dragged the laptop down to Reads yesterday to try to put them up, only to be foiled by a sketchy connection that only lasted ten seconds at a time. I'll bring them to work tomorrow and put them up then, but I warn you - I am not very photogenic. At least I hope I look better in real life than I tend to in most pictures.
The dinner itself was fun. It mainly consisted of standing around schmoozing with other nerds (I know bunches of them now) for a while, and then we sat down at assigned tables and had a rather nice chicken dinner before the awards were presented and the guest speaker spoke. I sat with Eric, whom I know from Classics, and his fiancee, and a girl who was there with her parents, and Professor Kerr, one of my favourite professors. I had always sort of believed that he was a shy sort of fellow who didn't do much outside of university, which shows what I know, because we spent the dinner talking about his pre-teen daughter, who loves Naruto and Miyazaki films (like Totoro). It was a lot of fun, and when I went up to get my classics award (in history and archaeology) the anthropology people were surprised and clapped loudly for me. I suppose I didn't tell them? Unforunately there aren't any anthropology awards, but Steve, an extremely hard working fellow I went to Mexico with, won the third year Dean's Award, which is a huge honour, and I'm glad he won it.

3. Right, have to run off to class, but I'll write tomorrow at work!


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