Friday, November 23, 2007

the end of november

1. It's hard to believe it's almost December already and it's been a week since I posted last. Time tends to go faster and faster in the final days of a term, as papers suddenly loom and language classes pile on more and more work to try and finish all the term's work in time for the exam. Things are finishing up for the semester already; Sean's done work until January, and I have my last assignments in hand for my frosh classes.

2. Shasta has hooked us up with some interesting extra employment for the winter season; between Sean and I, we'll be working six days a week, three hours per day, for Downtown Fredericton. It's all close to the house and relatively well paid ($2 over minimum wage, hooray) so it should be easy to fit it in. She's also giving us free tickets to see the Vienna Boys' Choir at the Playhouse in mid-December, which should be amazing. She's so good to me, even though we don't work together any more.

3. Sean's signed me up for a pub crawl this evening with the Anth society, which basically means all the Belize and Mexico people, plus Marie, with whom we play D&D. It should be a good time, though I'll probably bail after we're through at Boom - roughly midnight - so I can sleep and get to work at 10 the next morning. We're having a sort of mini-exhibition of Charlotte Glencross' work.

4. Right, off to Greek! I'll try and post more regularly, but I do keep saying that.


Blogger dp said...

I love hearing your news... have fun at your pub crawl, although, I must admit, when I read that on your twitter... I thought, is that MIchelle's twitter... now she doesn't twitter... Stephanie at a PUB CRAWL... wow... very cool... have funnnnn funnnn funnn!

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