Wednesday, December 12, 2007

de rerum acinorum

1. My Latin exam is in an hour. I'm not really sure how much more good I can do before going in. I've studied the parts I think are likely to show up, and I have a reasonably good grasp of 90% of the rest of it. I could use more time, but really, I just want it to be over so I can... well, I would say relax, but the truth of the matter is that I still have another paper to finish (today) and a full day of work at two jobs (tomorrow) before I go up to the 'Nish to visit Michelle on Friday, and turn around and come back on Sunday to write an exam on Monday and then, probably the same day, head up to visit with Sean's family for a bit and then go home. I'm not sure when I get to relax but it doesn't look like today.

2. This week has been long already. My Greek exam was on Saturday, which was not very much fun at all, and I had to work at noon (three hour exam that starts at 9 am, then work that starts across town at noon - not good). Since then I've been studying and knitting Christmas things and working. It feels like a lot of the good things have sort of gone by the wayside... we skipped D&D, and I didn't make pies with Danielle, and Sean and I have exams on alternate days, so we've been trading anxiety back and forth for a week.
I'm looking forward to getting home after this exam, sleeping for a couple hours, and then finishing that stupid paper before we go out this evening. Shasta gave us free tickets to the Vienna Boys' Choir for this evening, which should be a peaceful way to spend the evening after cramming Latin in my head for the past few days. We may even stop in to the Crafts Council Christmas party for a bit beforehand, but honestly I doubt I'll be in the right frame of mind for it.

3. Good things, good things.... the cats have been very pleased with how much we have been sitting around studying instead of being out of the house, and spend their time fighting over the cat tent Mom made them and chasing the balls of paper, bottle caps, and grapes we throw for them when we are sick of studying. Parallax has learned to fetch grapes. I think she likes the way they bounce. Unfortunately I suspect we will find a lot of raisins the next time we clean, but it's worth it, I think.


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