Monday, November 05, 2007

making the List

1. The weekend ended up being longer, in an unpleasant way, than I really thought it would be. Sean called Saturday evening to say that the weather was too bad out where he was to drive in to the bus, so I weathered the storm alone with the cats. It wasn't actually too bad in Fredericton - lots of rain drumming against the window to spook me - and I passed a quiet evening watching House and knitting a hat, but it was lonely. Also, the eaves of the building seem to drain through pipes in my wall - it sounded like a medium-sized waterfall roaring through the bedroom.
And yesterday we watched Doctor Who, and I studied. We fed Megan and visited briefly, but mostly Vergil, Vergil, Vergil.

2. Today it seemed to pay off, though; I got through the midterm with a minimum of difficulty and I actually think it might have been a solid B or even better. I have to admit that it still surprises me when I don't come up blank and crash whenever faced with a Latin test.
The rest of the day has been dominated by Greek homework and Greek class. I'm enjoying it enough that I'm tempted to take third year Greek next year, just the one class, to keep my brain from turning to mush while I Join the Working World.
An interesting conversation about the Dean's List dinner has led to surprising places. I was confused to note that I ended up with a 3.8 GPA last year (not my cumulative, but for the twelve month period from Belize to last spring's exams), but didn't get on the Dean's List. As it happens, I'm invited anyway because I won a Classics prize, but Dean's List... it's a nice thing to have. Anyway, Professor Murray was also surprised and is looking into it for me (as the Dean, I imagine he has some sway over who goes on the List).

3. Tonight: giving blood and probably cleaning the house. No homework! Though tomorrow looks like it will be a busy day at work.

4. A disappointed note: it looks as though Google isn't directly taking on the iPhone after all. I mean, yes, I'm excited about what they are up to, and I'm sure I will have an Android phone at some point, but... meatspace Google swag? It would have been so much better.


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