Sunday, December 16, 2007

expected snowfall: THE APOCALYPSE

1. People are funny about winter storms in the Maritimes. We all reminisce about bigger, colder storms of old, while out the other side of our mouths we fret about generators and bottled water and being Snowed In. In defiance of all good sense, I'm heading home tomorrow (Fredericton-home; I'm currently in snowy Antigonish visiting Michelle for her birthday) even though all flights and stuff are canceled already. If I get snowed in Moncton it'll be all my fault, but Acadian Lines don't generally cancel buses for anything. To be fair, it's supposed to get bad in the evening, so if things go like they're supposed to I should be home by 1:30 or so, and Sean and I will spend the evening studying for exams that will probably be canceled for snow the next morning, so we can watch the last two episodes of Dexter and four of House. I'm ambitious, I know. I'm more worried about Michelle and Scott and Dad, who are doing the Greenwood-Antigonish run tomorrow, but Dad is a certified Weather Ninja so I imagine they will have a plan, and if it's looking too ugly he can stay at Scott's house overnight.

2. So yes, Antigonish. I came up to visit Michelle for her birthday, and because I won't see her and Scott until after Christmas, and because I've never managed to come visit her in Antigonish.
We've had a quiet sort of day today, thanks to the snowing and blowing (it was snowing a lot yesterday and blew around all day today) but got in shopping and movies and a big birthday dinner at Boston Pizza with her friends and coworkers and a lot of fishbowls and then a party at Scott's house. We managed to fit rather a lot into a day and a half. I wish I could stay longer, but things are so complicated this time of year with exams and snow and suchlike.

3. The next few days will be played by ear thanks to the storm. We had intended to be gone tomorrow night to Sean's parents' house, but thanks to the storm they're stuck in PEI, so we're going to hang out with the cats and Megan (who is crashing at our house, as she's still working but her dorm won't let her stay past exams) until Tuesday or Wednesday. It'll be nice to spend an extra day or two with the cats, and maybe decompress a little from exams before subjecting Sean's parents to my crazy.


Blogger Jill MacDonald said...

I love the term "Weather Ninja" for your dad...perfect! I hope they got home safely...and that you did too!

3:22 PM  

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