Friday, October 26, 2007

the earth for pillow, and the great heaven for coverlet

1. This week is turning out to be not so great for getting things done, but I'm trying, I'm trying. After Greek was cancelled on Wednesday, I went home and made another batch of couscous and some more refried beans (we soaked way, way too many), and then napped until Megan came over to visit. It was a pretty good evening, lots of chatter and music, and after Megan left we watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which we hadn't seen in a while. Good fun.

2. Unfortunately I woke up feeling awful and stayed in bed doing homework pretty much all day yesterday. I have lots of it, so I can't really call it a wasted day to work through some Virgil and Greek assignments, but while I was lounging about conjugating, Sean did all the dishes and started reorganizing again. He's taken it upon himself to turn our storage closet into a little office nook for himself, and so he spent most of the day trying to fit things in other storage areas. I can feel Mom thinking that we should throw out crap we don't need, but really, I threw out an awful lot when we moved in, and we do need things like luggage and cat carriers, just not all the time.
When I was feeling more energetic in the afternoon, we held down Parallax and tried to clip her one extra claw that she just can't seem to grow properly. Being a freaky double-pawed cat, you'd think she would have more, but just one back claw has a tendancy to grow weird and bite into her paw. I was trying to clip it with dull nailclippers when she gave a great squawk and tried to squirm away from Sean, and actually twisted the overgrown nail clean off, revealing a new claw underneath (cats shed their claws, but apparently this one couldn't hook on anything to get pulled off). She seems happier now and followed me around for the rest of the day, mewing, so there's a good deed done.

3. So I finished my Greek for today, and almost all my Latin, though I had to get up early to finish it off. I came in to class and had to check the time, and that I was on the right floor, before realizing that class was probably cancelled. And there in my inbox, dated this morning at 7:30, was the class cancellation email I didn't get because the internet is still out of commission. I am speechless.

4. Waiting for my next class, I was reading Li Po and the Tale of Genji for WLCS, which I have in a few minutes. Good stuff. I'm really glad I took WLCS, and I think I will probably sign up for some more next semester. I have never actually taken literature or English university courses, and so this is an interesting change.


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so nice to read your blogs. When do you think you will get internet again?
hope your having a good day

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