Friday, February 16, 2007

home renovations

1. Finally, already, Friday. The weeks go fast but in some ways not fast enough... today was a day of cataloging flakes, for the most part. I've sped up the process so I'm going at a fantastic rate compared to a week ago - today I catalogued 187 flakes, of the total 1635 that have been dealt with thus far (not just what I've done, but last year's work as well). The only real limiting factor is the problem of bags; I'm tempted to look after it myself, but I think Sue probably gets less harassment and suspicion buying that many bags (there are few legitimate uses for little ziploc bags in bulk). I also got another few tomes out the library.

2. Links:

3. In between school and work and work, I took some time to play on Second Life. This is the portico of my first house:which ended up being far too many prims and just less cool than I intended. Construction in Second Life is accomplished by make three dimensional shapes (prims) and then giving them textures so they look vaguely realistic; my plot of land is only allowed to have 117, so as you might imagine there is virtue in being efficient with prims.
This is my new house: which is rather nice and has a pond in the middle with a pair of koi swimming around. It needs some more landscaping, I think.

4. Tonight, and this weekend: homework, homework, homework. I have another fifteen chapters of Cicero to review for Monday, and lots of presentation prep to do (huge, sickening amounts of reading).
Also, Sean's parents are coming up for a couple of days, so we will have company, which is a nice change.

5. And now for something completely different:


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