Monday, February 05, 2007

sounds good to me, boss

I've taken to doing my Latin homework in the morning, right before class. This is only about half out of procrastination; we have a lot of on-the-spot questions and pop vocabulary quizzes, and it's far easier with the work still fresh in the mind.
So I was up at 8:00 this morning, working on my Latin, and things are, as usual, frustrating, when up pops a Gmail alert with an email from Geyssen:
How does no class today sound to you guys? Sounds good to me. We're still a month from a holiday, so take today as a freebie.

Normal routine on Wed. Should I remind you, we do have a test on 19 Feb?

It's like a snow day out of blue skies. He tends to do this once a semester, more or less randomly, but it's still a treat.
So my day has been reduced to my seminar with Sue this afternoon, and then invigilating for Anth 1002 midterms this evening. I'm pretty cool with that.


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