Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ow, my brain

1. This week is flowing past so fast... I can't believe it's Wednesday.

2. The remainder of Monday was kind of tiring. My archaeology seminar was intense, with five powerpoint presentations in three hours. Sue tends to be intense anyway, but trying to hurry through makes it a bit of a headache. The comic relief was supplied by her cell phone, as all three children called several times (stuck downtown, missed the bus, and no house key respectively).
I slammed my hand in a door at the library, which was a shock, literally. It didn't actually hurt that much in the moment, but had to sit down and gather my marbles about thirty seconds later when I reacted. It's a bit bruised and swollen now but it doesn't hurt to type, so as far as I'm concerned there's no harm done.
And to round out the wearying day, I invigilated another exam. Between a gaggle of cheaters, a kid trying to argue with me, and then the prof, in a stage whisper over the heads of three other students about his issues with the circular reasoning in a multiple choice question, and the inability of frosh to understand simple instructions like "write your name on both the question sheet and the computer sheet"... I was truly worn out.

3. Tuesday went better. Class in the morning was pleasantly lecture-like again, and Professor Kerr is always great fun to listen to. In the afternoon, Sue had forgotten to buy bags again so I went home and had coffee with Sean before he went to class, which is a luxury we don't have time for much anymore. After he left, I went home and rearranged the house; I'll post pictures later.

4. Today has been a flat-out sprint again. Up at 8 to translate, finish just in time to run up and catch the bus, and get to Latin reasonably prepared. Slight setback when heaps of homework (more than usual!) are assigned for Friday; dash to the lab to type up my assignment for the honours seminar, and then dash to that. An incredibly frustrating and exasperating three hours while we struggle to squash ethnography into variables and hypotheses, and then a quick (and not very appetizing) supper and here I am in the computer lab. After this I get to spend a couple hours just vegging on campus before - yay - invigilating for Professor Hutton's class this evening. I really wish I could just go home and sleep for a while, but there's no rest for the wicked.

5. Sean's (well, Nick's, but Sean is in it) play goes up tonight, so good luck to them; I hope there's a good audience. It makes life so much easier for them.

6. Links and pictures tonight! As for now, vegging and assignments and applications and research... alright, maybe no vegging.



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