Monday, February 12, 2007

days go by

1. Another weekend gone far too fast. It included finally seeing Faustus, after hearing about it for six months, and also seeing Sean's parents who came up for the show, and then the inevitable insane cast party. It feels sort of like a blur; it's nice to have to show done with, from my perspective, as it was stressing so many people out (or at least, 100% of the three people who come to my house who aren't me).
The play was, of course, fantastic. I can take or leave Marlowe; he's just not the playwright old Shakes was. Nick and crew did an amazing job with it, though, including a lot of subtle things that probably a lot of people didn't notice outright but that added a great deal to the production, like background music and the use of the projection screen for suggesting backgrounds and announcing locales. Sean was terrifying on stage as Lucifer; you could feel the whole room sit up straighter, and flinch when he exploded at Faust. There were a few other notable performances - the Evil Angel who had more bootheel than skirt was quite good, and Shakti is, as always, awesome and popular with the audience.

2. Aside from that? School marches on and my workload increases. I have to read huge piles of legalese for archaeology, methodology for honours seminar, commentary on Augustan financial policy for classics, and also reread chapters 1-18 of the Pro Archia for a Latin test in a week. Boo.
I really hate leaving the house in the winter. It's not really laziness so much as fear of going to class, and it's not really all that bad this year, but some days it's worse than others. I was so glad to be home this afternoon, it's rather sad.

3. Also sad: I've started playing around more on Second Life and even begun designing textures on clothing templates. It's a pleasant change from reading large piles of different shades of slightly boring.

4. Tomorrow: I take possession of fifteen books of Roman financial stuff from Kristine, catalogue more flakes, invigilate another exam, write a take home midterm and study Latin.
February is almost half over.


Blogger dp said...

Your workload is more than even I can handle... and I hope you are surviving ok.. Cause I don't think I can help with even one of your subjects.. or jobs... ugh But I can cook for you, but Sean does that... um...nope.. I can't help.. but you have my awe.. and admiration.. hope that helps.

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