Wednesday, February 07, 2007

links, vids, and pics

1. Links:

2. Vids:

(via Zentastic)

(via Apartment Therapy; designer here)

3. Pics:

The cat station, moved deeper into their alcove, now with added windowsill action.

The futon is folded down for enhanced lounging-around-with-laptops capability. I'm going to make some throw pillows from fabric we have kicking around.

The boxes, being awesome. Before, we had three as a smallish partition; now it's a curved wall. Parallax approves of the height, being dissatisfied with life if she can't sharpen her claws on the ceiling.

A quiet nook for reading, eating, and tea. And more laptops.

Sooo tired. Time to sleep.


Blogger dp said...

The place looks awesome stephanie... I love the box arrangememt and the cat nook...
the reading nook is cute too
ok... Star trek..dumb as usual. the chair thing pretty.. cool

11:07 PM  

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