Thursday, February 08, 2007

the battle for supremacy

1. The kitties have been fighting for the right to lay on the futon since I laid it out flat. Despite being perfectly happy to share it when it was folded up as a couch, they have decided that twice the surface area can only accommodate half the cats. Tonks has won for the moment, but I'm sure it's only temporary.

2. Some links:
3. The play - Nick's play, which Sean is in - is a smashing success. Ilkay Silk, the drama guru of St. Thomas, has said it's the best play the company has ever done. The audience gave them full and thundering applause after every scene (yes, bad manners, but hey). It's Nick's last year at the helm, so it's good that he's gone out with a bang. I'm not going until Saturday; I hate going the first few nights because the actors are so nervous, and make me nervous just watching them.

4. My day was another day of running around in circles. I will say this about this semester: it's going by fast. Sue found some bags in David's lab and sent me over to my lab, where I ran through them in three hours. Now what will I do tomorrow?
The Craft Council, as usual, was quiet and pretty fun. I finished up - I think - the promotional material for the fundraiser at the end of March, so I'm back to the website and trying to get the members bit together.

5. Something about Second Life has really captured my imagination. I've only spent maybe three hours on it, and hear about it occasionally through the grapevine, but I keep thinking of excuses to get involved. My latest and greatest involve either rewriting my thesis proposal to study communities in it, or caving and buying some land to build a house. The excuse for the house? Sean's friend from home wants to DM a campaign for us, but he's there and we're here, so we've been trying out a few different interfaces for doing tabletop gaming over the internet. My solution? Build a house and meet there to play Dungeons & Dragons. In virtual reality.

I love it.

6. Tomorrow: Latin, lab, and an evening meeting with John to talk about his site. Tonight: homework? I'm out of Clavell books again, having finished Noble House, Taipan, and King Rat in the past month, and Shogun not long before that. I suppose I could give Gaijin another try, though I didn't think much of it the first time. Maybe stomp through my Christie collection again...?


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