Friday, February 02, 2007

storebought perogies are better than none

1. Uh, so. I must be have pretty tired this morning. My numbering is not so good.

2. Third 2 of the day!

3. So, on the way to class this morning I was having a good laugh with a classmate at the expense of Cicero, when the bus pulled up to the stop just outside a small arena. No fewer than thirty, and probably far more, seven- or eight-year-old French schoolchildren piled on, each fumbling with fare and falling on passengers. This had two effects: I was late for Latin, and trying to get off the bus was a trial, involving the driver shutting the door on the person in front of me (also trying to get off the bus) and then a kid tripping me so that I rolled my ankle stepping off the bus.
I do wonder about the logic of bringing that many small children on public transit, let alone on a busy campus bus that will be full, and trying to stick to a schedule. I hope they learned a lesson - the teachers, not the children. The children are still working on that inertia thing that means you have to hold onto things on buses so you don't fall on other passengers.

4. There were no bags for me at the lab, so aside from fumbling unsuccessfully with an ancient printer, I had no work today. Sue was busy with QAR people again, so I just went home and slept for a bit.

5. When Sean came home from practice, we started getting ready to go over to Nick's - he invited us over for perogies and socializing - but he called and cancelled before we left, so we went and got perogies of our own. It will be a nice evening, I think.

6. Check out this beautiful mug that Aine, Sean's sister, gave him for Christmas:
It's by a Nova Scotian potter named Alison Cude, who was a guest exhibitor at the NBCC Festival last year. Her work is gorgeous; I love the way she makes handles for lids, like teapots and sugar dishes.


Blogger dp said...

I love the cup. I remember her at your Fair last year. She had the sweetest stuff. I particularly liked the bowls.. and plates. The dark greens with the swirls. I don't think I would want to have a set of her things, because I like a rougher type pottery, but I would like to own a few of her things.
We had perogies from a store last week. Sorta dry... nothing like Gramma Joanies, or ours, but nice for a change.

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