Thursday, February 15, 2007

inclement weather

1. I was up at six this morning to read and be nervous about my critique, and it seemed unusually snowy and gross out, so I checked, hoping against hope, on the UNB website:

Back to bed! The cats held a gladiator show in celebration.

2. There is some unfortunate fallout to all of this. My presentation has been bumped to Tuesday, meaning next week I have a critique and a presentation, which is enough to break my little brain. I also can't go to Hali with Sue if I have a presentation on Tuesday, which is pretty disappointing. Maybe she'll move it to some completely other day, or the next week, but I doubt it.
Also, we're supposed to go to Archaeological Services downtown to look at some artifacts, but Sue doesn't particularly want to come down this morning because of the weather, and the tricked-out weather bar at the bottom of my Firefox screen
seems to suggest that it's going to fiddlehead this afternoon, which doesn't bode well for getting things done then either.

3. For now I think I will put on some clothes and go to get some coffee. It may be too terrifying to drive, but I bet you I've walked through much worse.


Blogger dp said...

sometimes a snow day isn't so good. It just delays so much. I have mixed feelings about cancelled days.. but todays... I LOVED!!
Good luck with your two presentation thingies next week... I hope Sue changes the dates for the trip

1:58 PM  

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