Tuesday, January 30, 2007

bad mood

1. Today I slept through my alarm, apparently having too much fun in a series of nightmares to wake up. We missed the bus, so Sean and I sat and had a quick cup of coffee before heading up to campus. When I got to campus, I had to wait an hour or so before Sue got out of her meeting, and then did barely anything except spend an hour looking for specific artifacts in the lab, and a while planning when to go on trips this month hither and thither. Yup, a productive day.

2. When I got home I was determined to get something done, so I finished up what I was doing with John's website. It's useful and more attractive than it was, so I guess that's a thumbs-up.

3. And now I've fallen into the depths of a mood the likes of which I haven't encountered yet this winter. I'm just plain soul-weary. I don't need food or sleep or anything else I can put my finger on, but there's something nagging in the back of my head and it just won't let go.
Worse, I can't seem to reconcile my honours seminar thesis proposal topic with this week's assignment. It's this confining, boring little thing where I'm supposed to come up with hypotheses to prove or disprove, as though anthropology was some sort of grade school science fair project, and also dependent and independent variables, as though cultures are pea plants or something. Ethnography =/= science fair project.

4. I don't have any pictures today, but I do have a new Google Desktop widgety thing that has a little weird spider crawling in it that I like. That's something, anyway.


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