Monday, January 29, 2007

pessimism can be a positive thing

... when you expect a day to be really bad, and then it turns out well, it's especially sweet.

1. In reply to Mom's comment, Sean's painting is actually not an assignment, as his art class last semester was drawing and sketching only, no painting allowed. That painting came about when he was having a bad day and slashed some charcoal across the canvas, and then later decided to salvage it while he was doing some Christmas painting. The charcoal shows through the acrylic in these ghostly, foggy lines like power lines on a rainy day, almost like a more colourful version of the motif of an anime called Lain which I rather like. It's not his favourite, but I like the charcoal.

2. Last night Nick came over unexpectedly after play practice; his roommates were throwing a party, and he wanted to cook vast amounts of shrimp, so he borrowed our kitchen.

3. Tomorrow: class, work with Sue, and then oodles of Latin and honours thesis things. I'm a little tired of this semester already, but I always knew there would come a time when I'd have a monstrous load of seminars. It must simply be put up with.

4. Today I got a letter from the Dean of Arts congratulating me for being approved for the Honours in Classical Studies; while this is nice, it's not what I applied for. I'm taking hideous amounts of Latin because I want the slightly better Classics degree, not Classical Studies. So I have to talk to someone about that. They're probably just relieved that I finally declared a major.

5. I like this idea so much I could kiss it - no technology is more intrusive than a big dumb TV - and I like this picture an awful lot:

6. Tonks wuvs her chair.


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