Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cassius Dio, I hate you

1. Things I would rather be doing than working on various things for Kerr's Augustus seminar:
  • reading Clavell's Gai-Jin
  • finally finishing my first custom skin for Second Life, or working on my house there
  • having coffee with someone rather than sitting around in my house alone
  • working on my crazy red scarf
  • sewing a new skirt
  • constructing a new schoolbag, as my much-loved bazura bag is finally beginning to come apart in a few directions, after three years of hard use
  • doing something major to my computer, like reinstalling Windows, because it's getting less and less functional as time goes by
  • finding enough wool roving to make one of those really cool squishy rugs in the last post
  • studying Japanese or Spanish
  • pretty much anything, really.
I've already finished my take home midterm, and I'm plowing through the readings for Kristine's presentation presently, but dear god it's hard to bring anything substantial away. Her outline isn't really organized enough for me to find any holes easily. I still have to pull mine together, too. It's a busy day. I'm also pounding through Cicero again, because I have a test tomorrow on the parts we've already done. I'm a little afraid.

2. This weekend has been pretty busy overall, really. Sean's mother has been visiting, and left this morning to participate in the last day of her pottery workshop; Sean's father stopped in last night and scooped him up, and they're at home visiting with Sean's sister Aine, who is up to look at land. Sean ought to be back tonight or tomorrow morning (probably tomorrow morning, no matter how much I want to believe the former) with his friend Matt, who is coming to visit for a bit.
Yesterday, while we had access to a car, Sean and I did a little shopping; groceries and thrifting and the dollar store, where I bought two thousand little bags to fill with flakes in the next few weeks. We also stopped in at Winners and found a set of white wine glasses to match our red wine glasses at $2/each; my glassware collection now fills three quarters of one of our boxes. I have no regrets.

3. What can I say to prolong this update and not read more Cassius Dio?



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