Thursday, October 02, 2008

fevered new dreams

Two days ago I started to get scratchy in the throat, and by last night I was well and truly sick. It's been pouring outside since the middle of the night, and so, between the rain and the cold, I've installed myself on the couch under a blanket and plan to stay here all day, possibly moving back to bed to try and sleep this off, but nothing more strenuous.

I've been reading up on the life of a Foreign Service Officer, and am learning a lot. For one thing, I haven't found any Canadian FSOs who blog (though I'm sure there are some). In fact, most FSO-related blogs aren't the officers themselves, but their spouses and children, many of whom tell the sad stories I've heard all my life about postings - being uprooted, saying goodbye, moving huge distances and starting over. At the same time, it's not like I'd be moving children or 102-lb dogs. Sean's pretty portable, and I think he could handle it - he could even be an FSO himself if he wanted (Economics degrees are in demand).
A lot of the FSO blogs out there are American, which is interesting because they seem to have a different sort of process. As far as the DFA website shows, once you've applied and have written your tests, you are either accepted or not - no mention of oral exams or even interviews. If anyone knows more about the process, please let me know.


Blogger dp said...

what a cool idea, and fun prospect. Maybe you could go see someone who is one. Aunt Kelly might know one or two, since she lives in Ottawa....

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