Wednesday, September 10, 2008

square one

As avid followers of the twitter feed to the right may already know, I didn't get the choral federation job. After two followup calls with more questions, and several days of internal debate, they decided to go with a candidate with more local choir experience.

It's pretty depressing, I'm not going to lie. This one seemed so close, and I really felt like I could sink my teeth into it and make a difference. I think I could offer so much to a non-profit that would just give me a chance, but for some reason, despite some experience, a willingness to accept whatever pay I can get, and references who will swear I'm a genius, there are no takers. I'm back at the point where I'm cruising Teach English in Korea! sites and trying to talk myself into believing I could deal with a call center. I've applied for jobs on campus, but the inside people told Ellis that those jobs almost never hire people who don't have years of experience because the competition is pretty stiff.

Hopefully something I can actually be excited about will come up again soon.

What else is going on? Sean's birthday was on Saturday, which meant the Blue Door; he had a two inch thick steak, and I had seared duck breast with mustard glaze on curried lentils with perfect asparagus. They are definitely special occasion only, but so, so worth it. Also, Angus and I went to a big community yardsale with Ellis, and found a couple of gorgeous steampunk-able lamps. Angus has had a job interview with Sean's workplace for a fairly lucrative and interesting web design position. Everyone's classes are going swimmingly thus far.

I haven't really much of interest to write about... I'll summon some enthusiasm tomorrow and hopefully write something a bit less glum. For now, back to trolling the job banks.


Blogger GailM. said...

ohh, too bad.. I was so hoping you would get it. Well if you want to make a list of places that you'd like to cold call, just let me know and I can drive around with you for an afternoon... But I agree, the CIBC call center is starting to look pretty good.

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