Saturday, March 15, 2008

π day

1. First, a clarification. From the comments of yesterday's entry:
NOW.... the hoarding video, especially for me, might imply that I am the "hoarder" to all the people who may read your blog... You might like to clarify that I am not a hoarder... except for dishes...which I only have exactly enough that fit in my kitchen cupboard... and of course the big stuff that stays in the laundry room...
The reason I sent that out to Mom? My packrattiness has been driving her mad for years. In no way should my words be taken to insinuate that my mother hoards anything - on the contrary, you'd be hard pressed to find a more determined enemy of clutter outside of OCD patients (the non-hoarding kind of course).

2. As Mom also pointed out, today is 3/14, or Pi Day (pi, or π, is a mathematical non-repeating constant beginning 3.14...). To celebrate, I brought two pies to D&D; after conducting an informal poll over the week, the choices were apple and strawberry-rhubarb. Marie, getting into the spirit of things without actually knowing that it was Pi Day, picked up a couple chicken pot pies for supper, so it was pie all around. Then our new player had the flu, and Larissa and Ethan couldn't make it over snowy roads, so we have four pies for four people. There's a little less than a pie left.... meaning we ate just over three pies. Coincidence?

3. Today was a pretty good day. I've been having trouble staying motivated with class lately, just feeling a bit off and perpetually behind, but today I:
  • passed in a Greek assignment;
  • got back two marked Greek assignments, both A's;
  • didn't embarrass myself in Greek class with the class work;
  • went to Mythology;
  • aced a Mythology "pop" quiz (he has taken to announcing them so we actually do the readings);
  • went to Latin and once again didn't embarrass myself with the class work;
  • went to the lab and finished my hours for the week;
  • got out a bunch of books for a Latin paper/presentation I need to prepare;
  • and won a donut on my coffee.
A good day to be me. Even before you count the pie.

4. Tomorrow, and indeed the rest of the weekend, is Homework Day. After work, of course. Composition exercises and readings in both languages, plus a Latin paper/presentation to start and preferably finish, plus assembling a Greek exam battle plan, equals a long long weekend of frowning at books. The cats are perpetually entertaining, though - Kitty has taken to randomly chasing the other two when she feels up to it, and Tonks has been "stalking" Kitty's tail in a playful manner, so things are still lively but cordial on that front.
And next week is a short week - we're leaving town Thursday night for Sean's parents' house, then the morning ferry to Digby where Michelle, Scott, and Dusty the car will pick us up and bring us to the Valley for the weekend. Long weekends! Chocolate!


Blogger dp said...

oh.... yea.... chocolate.... Your day sounded very positive and what a great feast... 4 pies.

I am so glad you didn't think I was a hoarder... and I am so glad you no longer hoard. (thanks for that influence Sean) Great work Stephanie.

7:06 AM  
Blogger dp said...

Oh and I forgot to say, thanks for blogging on a Friday night... you never do that!! it was a fun Saturday morning treat!!
Oh and did you know that Sean has a million dollar smile...truly...I forgot to mention it in the last blog.

7:09 AM  
Blogger GailM. said...

Oh, I can sympathize with you. You must be looking so foward to graduating. You'll have a great week just knowing you'll have a bit of a holiday. But I can almost guarantee your mom will blog about everyone sitting on the couch, relaxing with their notebooks. I hope the Easter Bunny finds you.

11:20 AM  

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