Saturday, March 01, 2008

in like a...?

1. It's March! If January is the month of resolutions, and February is the month of keeping's one head down and trying to stay warm, March is the month of waiting. I'm waiting for the chest-high snowbanks to show some signs of receding, and trees to show signs of greening, and for downtown to have its annual flood, which promises to be a doozy this year and which I will be in an even better position to observe than ever before. We live between King and Queen streets, and in very bad flood years King floods enough for kayakers to paddle around and have their pictures taken for the newspaper. In the Great Flood of 1970-something (the Flood that ate the library and to which people hark when they want to belittle this year's flood, which is nothing compared to the floods they've seen, etc) Queen was also flooded. If this happens again - and it probably won't, but still - I flatly refuse to go to school by wading through floodwaters.
So aside from the faint hope of a biblical- style flood getting me some time off, there's lots to look forward to - tulips, walking around without a coat, opening the windows, graduation, a diggin' job. Here's to March and waiting.

2. Thursday night Matt stopped by randomly. He's been around Fredericton, staying with Porter, whenever he doesn't have to be in Saint John for doctor appointments and other such things. Things are looking relatively up for Matt - there's a reasonable chance he could be going to school next year for computer science, thanks to a career counselor sort of person who is pulling for him to get funding.
Anyway, when he stopped by I was just starting to make a batch of baked meatballs, which I haven't had in forever. There were enough to feed Matt and Sean and I, plus eight or so for the fridge, and Sean approves wholeheartedly, so I think half-batches will become a staple. He has wacky plans to bake all sorts of things in the sauce, but the only things I could really see would be pork - it's a pretty sweet sauce.

3. Yesterday was a good day. We slept in, then scrubbed out the meatball dish to make half hour pudding. I need to fine-tune the size of the pudding a bit, but it came off beautifully and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream was everything I had hoped for (I had pretty high hopes).
We puttered around a bit and went to the mall on an unsuccessful search for cheap yarn, but ran into Chloe, with whom I used to work at Boldon's. Yesterday was her sixth birthday, so it was serendipitous to run into her, and she's a lot of fun (exactly the sort of person you might expect to be born on a Leap Day).
And in the evening was - D&D! We had a fairly eventful session that culminated in Sean's character and Larissa's character being engulfed by a giant acidic jelly, but were saved when I summoned a giant shark inside the jelly that pushed them back out before they were too badly hurt. We'll be playing again on Tuesday, as a special March Break treat, and Danielle will possibly be joining us, which will be fun. We've started doing a serious amount of cooking for D&D - this week Marie made stirfry from the contents of Will's freezer and wineglasses of layered jello - so I think we might make a half hour pudding for D&D on Tuesday. It's even vegetarian, with a minimal amount of milk and butter, for Danielle.

4. Saturday... today I'm at work, but I'm trying to locate my coworkers to see if Kate wrote her report for the newsletter; I fear I may already know the answer. If that's the case, it would almost be smarter for me to leave and come back Monday, or burn next week's hours on Monday, because the gallery is very quiet for these two weekends (it's March Break for everyone) and we really do need to get a newsletter out.
Later today, Sean and I are planning a cleaning extravaganza. Between our own habits of flinging stuff about, the chaotic powers of three cats, and our lack of energy in cleaning up during the winter, it's about time that we make a serious home effort. I'm rethinking elements of our bedroom - the very least it should be able to do is store clothing, and yet all our clothes end up on the floor. Also, Sean has promised to scrub the creepy mold off the bathroom ceiling, and I can't even express how excited I am about that. You can't do much for poorly ventilated bathrooms except scrub out the mold on occasion, unfortunately... or can you? is there a housekeeping secret I'm not privy to?


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Gail told me that you and Sean are amazing cooks. She said the first time she was there dropping off kitty, Sean was making something that smelled amazing and then when she dropped of the rest of kitty's luggage, you were cooking something that also smelled amazing. She said your place smells way way better than her place at any time!!! Nice compliment!

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