Monday, March 03, 2008

there is nothing under my bed

1. No, seriously. I just spent eight hours going through the closet, the floor, the dresser, and under the bed, as well as the storage space in Sean's office. And we cleaned the living room. But I mean, there is nothing under the bed. Well, there's a mirror actually, but it's not really there on a quantum level because there is already a space for it on the wall and all we need is the anchors, which I am getting tomorrow.
The yarn has moved to the dresser, and the clothes I wear are in the two boxes the yarn was in. The out of season clothes are in the steamer trunk, my three dresses are in closet, and man, that's all she wrote. Last time I cleaned, we sent three garbage bags of clothes and stuff to the Sally Anne and I wrote that I had thrown out half my clothes; well, there are three more bags leaving town tomorrow, all done up with string already, so I have nothing left to lose now. Sean is very proud of me - he's a big fan of less stuff. I think he's also happy that the stuff in the top of his office space has moved to the bedroom closet, and the only things of mine up there now are my violin and viola.

2. What else? Yesterday we did very, very little, and honestly were pretty grim. Our break, such as it is, will be mostly working and catching up on homework.
Kitty is spending a lot of time sleeping on our bed and is meowing to get outside less. She's definitely relaxed - she's only nervous around Parallax now when she's walking past, because Parallax always wants to chase her around. Kitty is pretty much alpha cat around here at this point, though, and has very little to worry about.

3. Supper tonight was made in less than five minutes, as I was in the thick of reorganizing the yarn stash - pork chops with the meatball sauce over it (ketchup, brown sugar, worchestershire sauce and garlic powder). We had it over rice, and while it was mindblowingly sweet, it was definitely tasty - just needs a salad or something with it to wash out the sweet every now and again.

4. Tomorrow: going in to the office in the morning to finish the newsletter (Kate really hadn't written her bit yet) and then to the lab to put in some hours. Tomorrow night is D&D again, which should be barrels of fun, especially if Danielle comes along.


Blogger dp said...

Congrats on the big cleansing. It feels so good, and it can't even be explained. I know, I do it semi annually and am so excited when I finally finish. Then when you tell people you have "Purged" they all know exactly where you are coming from. Is this a sign of hte times when getting rid of stuff is satisfying. Wasn't it just 2 generations ago, people felt so good when the had stuff to hoard!!!

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Jill said...

Hey Steh,
FEel like sharing your meatball sauce recipe? I am making pork chops for supper and they sounded GOOD!


7:20 AM  
Anonymous Jill said...

Me again,
Just saw these felted eggs and thought of you...


12:15 PM  

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