Tuesday, February 26, 2008


1. Angel is still not very happy with me, but I think she'll come around. Last night I left her under the desk, confident that when everything was quiet she'd come out and nose around. Angry howls erupted from the kitchen at about 1:30, and when I went to check, she was sitting on the back of the armchair looking indignant and Parallax was looking... guilty. I decided to let them be, and things were peaceful until about 3:00 when there was much angry howling again, and Parallax streaked into the room. 3:00 is usually their running-around-playing time, but I don't think Angel is in a playful mood at the moment - she was hiding in Sean's office. I moved her things in there and closed the door so Parallax would stop bugging her.
This morning, I've shut my two in the bedroom with their things and let Angel out to roam, and I'm starting to think she's more angry about not being in her own house than about my ruffians - well, ruffian, because Tonks has been keeping a low profile around Angel. I'm going to leave her with the run of the apartment for the day and see if she is any happier when we get back this afternoon. As I write, she's already explored the bathroom and is making forays into the living room to be petted, so I think this will work out as long as Parallax stops being a bad hostess.

2. Today, I'm going into work for an hour before class, and then catching the bus to my other job after class. After my hour at the office, I'm going to come back to campus and study for my Myth midterm tomorrow with Ellis - she's missed a bit of time, and I've missed a bit more on account of skipping that class to get my Latin done, so we're going to pool notes and get the text out of the library (neither of us is willing to pay $90 for a first year mythology textbook). Not as good as actually attending, I know, but I don't need Myth to graduate - I most certainly do need Latin.


Blogger GailM. said...

oh, thanks so much for playing cat psychologist.. She looks like she's content in that chair..We'll see you tomorrow with the goods.

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