Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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1. Well, it's seriously back to routine time, and I'm not really very thrilled, but at least there isn't much left. This week is half over, and there's nothing too frightening going on out of the ordinary; next week is short and we'll be taking off probably Thursday night to go home for the Easter weekend. After that, it's just two weeks of class before the term, my last term of my undergrad degree, is over.

2. This weekend was a quiet one - despite plans, we didn't really go anywhere. We did watch the first season of Futurama, but that's only nine episodes at 22 minutes each, which is less bad than watching eleven hours of Dexter in a day. I'm working on a patchwork circle skirt made from old black, white and grey pinstriped dress shirts that we had kicking around, and it's taking over the bedroom inch by inch. It's also pretty heavy so far, so it's hard to say how practical it will be, but here's hoping.
Also, on Saturday I made chicken piccata for the first time, and I have to say, it was pretty awesome. It's not hard, except the butterflying, and it's delicious. You can probably cut the oil and butter in the recipe by half and still have a beautiful piccata. It's still pretty bad for you, but have it with a salad instead of carbs and you're laughing. It's nice to be able to make something classy - normally I make things like chili or tuna curry, and Sean's all with the carbonera and the white wine lemon shrimp and so on.

3. The cats are doing well. Tonks and Parallax are good, of course, and Kitty seems to be pretty happy. I was concerned because we have to haul the other two away from her canned food so she can eat, but I've gotten less concerned since I found her hiding around the corner from her dish of food, waiting for Tonks to run over and try to eat it so she could pounce on her.

4. Sean's feeling the stress of the semester, and is still waiting to hear if he'll have a summer position at the library. He's hopeful - if it's part time, he can work and take a macroeconomics course and maybe a math course, and if it's full time he'll be very happy.
I've been applying for more jobs - even a government office job that I've heard about through the NBCC, just in case the archaeology world doesn't want me. I really, really do not want to be an unemployed BA, but I think at least one of these positions will take me.


Blogger GailM. said...

Darn Cat... she's pretty smart to take advantage of the younger cats..

8:08 PM  
Blogger dp said...

the chicken sounds yummy... I might try that

9:24 PM  

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