Saturday, March 08, 2008

the march break that snuck by

1. Here it is, Friday night, and our March Break is on its way out (though my mother's is just beginning). Where does the time go?
Tuesday was a slow sort of day. I went to the crafts council and finally put together a newsletter with all the important parts, and we spent pretty much the rest of the day at Will's for a rare midweek D&D session. Our food component has been getting more and more intense lately - this time I made a half hour pudding for the bunch, with the rest of our vanilla ice cream to go with. A huge hit with the group. Marie made a stir fry as well, and our two newest players, Ethan and Larissa, made banana muffins with the biggest chocolate chips ever. More chocolate than muffin, really.
Wednesday was Erica Day around here. She came in for the morning, and then we went to lunch at the Snooty Fox with James and Neil, which was fun - we haven't seen in them in forever, but back in the day we all lived together at Brunswick Street. We caught up on life, work, school, and all sorts of other random things in the afternoon at the apartment, and Tonks said hello to them. Kitty slept on our bed all day - she's taken quite a liking to it.
Yesterday was a longish day. We've been slowly getting sick all week, and I barely managed to drag Sean to campus yesterday for work - we both have hours this week. In the evening we had long nap and then Megan came over, which was really great - we haven't seen her in a bit because she's drowning in work.
And today we spent all day on campus, still sickish, and ended up canceling D&D through just being exhausted from a long day in our respective labs.

2. What to say? I'm still tired and a bit blah, but there's exciting planning going on for the future, and it was warm today as though it could almost, maybe, be thinking about spring. Yes, I know it's going to dump astounding amounts of winter on us tomorrow, but I like to dream about wearing sandals. I can write a real entry tomorrow, instead of a catching up sort of rushed one half-asleep.

3. Kitty's doing really well, by the way. She's stopped being randomly jumpy about the other two, and has found a few favourite places to curl up and sleep (the bed, the armchair in the kitchen, a couple places in the living room). We were going to try her on just kibble like our monsters, and she didn't seem to mind, but I was worrying that she might not be eating enough, so she's back on the gooshy food and loving it. Tonks and Parallax - especially Tonks - are just heartbroken over it, but when they are old ladies they can have soft food too! I'll take a picture of her acting at home tomorrow. Tonight - sleep.


Blogger dp said...

Two weeks til Easter, and you will be home in balming AV where we don't have a Lick of snow.... can't wait. Hope you are feeling better before school starts...and I am really glad that Kitty is doing well. How nice for all of you!

8:22 AM  
Blogger GailM. said...

Oh, that makes me feel so good that the cat is fitting in good - finally. It sounds like she's right at home. Her favorite places at home are, the Bed, the couch, and the chair - especially if you've just gotten out of it. I agree that March break went by so quick.. It's raining today in Myrtle.

9:34 AM  

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