Monday, February 25, 2008

cross-apartment checkup

1. Since we missed Caturday, let's check in with the kitties, shall we?
Cat the first: looking somewhat put out and sulky, but otherwise fabulous, and somewhat more svelte after a few weeks of indoor cat food, instead of sumo cat food:

Cat the second, looking rather concerned and hiding in the corner of the room under the bed with her favourite crumpled tissue (she stole, crumpled, and hid them herself):
But what's this? Cat the third?

Meet AngelKitty, who, barring bloody murder in the night, will be joining the good ship Lollipop for the month of March. She's pretty mad at the moment and has more or less annexed the desk, so I moved her things in there and have been keeping Parallax away. She would really like to be staring unnervingly at Angel, which is why she looks so cranky up above. I'm hoping the situation will become less tense overnight, because Tonks is backed into the corner and doesn't want to come out if it means running past the desk while Angel hisses at her. She'll make the dash to the kitchen eventually, but I'd like things to be more serene.

2. Sock checkup: I'm on the second sock of quick Rainy Day socks, knit in Sirdar DK weight luxury cotton, which I happened to have laying around.

I kind of miscalculated these - I wanted a quick, uplifting project, and then knit them out of black. I should have knit something simple with the insane bamboo rainbow vomit yarn. Maybe I will soon.

3. We have a spice rack! Mom gave it to us at Christmas when she upgraded to a television (she has had a different spice arrangement for years) but it just went up recently, due to our cupboard being made of extremely tough material.

I think we have more legitimate spices than most students even know exist.

4. Today was a pretty alright day. I got up early, did homework, went to class, went to another class, did more homework, went to another class, and then went to work for a few hours. Despite being achingly productive, I feel really unfulfilled about today. I think I badly need a sunny, warm day. Knitnut wrote something over a year ago about Ottawa folk (Ottawans?) in the winter, and I think it holds true everywhere east of the Rockies:
As I waited for the bus, I noticed that my shoulders were up around my ears. It’s an Ottawa thing. We have lousy posture because of the weather. We’re all hunched over, trying to make ourselves a smaller target for the wind, trying to protect our necks from the cold. Our chins are jammed into our chests and our noses are tucked into our scarves. We’re scrunched, hunched and rigid. Our climate has turned us into misshapen freaks. We have pasty complexions too, with dry skin and chapped lips. And we look twice as big as we really are because of all the clothes we have to wear. We have salt stains on our pants, fogged-up glasses and tears and snot running down our faces. Frankly, we look like hell at this time of year. Fortunately we can’t see each other because our twisted Canadian posture forces our gaze downward.
5. The weekend was pretty nice though. We went to Sean's parents' house and had a generally pleasant time - there were delicious ribs, and blueberry upsidedown cake, and a movie about hypnotizing camels with "violins" in Mongolia.

6. Sean, and Sean's foot, have no comments for the blogosphere at this time.


Blogger GailM. said...

oh, I hope Angel is not too nasty. Gesh, she seems to get along with other cats in the neighbourhood, but they aren't in her house I guess... Let me know what you think..

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Mick said...

hahaha i love the checkup. Especially seans non commenting foot!

8:15 AM  

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