Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i wish i could speak whale

1. Today I went to class - I know, the regularity is mind numbing. I did go to all of my classes, for a change; Intro Myth has been taking a back seat to making sure that my Latin is ready, but now that I seem to have a reasonably grip on Latin, I'm making an effort to get there. Everyone's down with the illness lately - half of my classmates are on death's door. Luckily I seem to be unscathed so far.

2. Exciting news of the day: I have a job interview! It's with the Fiddlehead, a literary journal on campus, as an editorial assistant. I haven't heard from anyone else yet, but I'm hopeful still. It's not til Monday, but I'm pretty excited already.

3. As you can see by my mom's blog, Sonny, my kitten from first grade, has passed away at a ripe old age. I said my goodbye to him at Christmas because it didn't seem likely he'd last a lot longer, being very thin, though still very lively. Godspeed, my friend.


Blogger dp said...

Exciting news about the job interview. Any word from Sue?
We got Sonny the year you started Primary, so its seems kind of fitting that he died the year you Graduate from University!!
Why do you want to speak Whale?

7:01 AM  

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