Tuesday, January 15, 2008


1. Mondays are supposed to be bleak and annoying days, but I really wasn't impressed with this morning at all. I barely slept, and though I had a good handle on my Greek, I wasn't very happy with my Latin. Then... I missed the bus to go to Greek. For a couple minutes it was really tempting to hide at home. You see, I'm pretty bad at language classes, as a rule. I work pretty hard at it, and I manage to keep up, but I'm not confident with them. My Greek class is not so bad - I know all the students already, and they know my strengths and weaknesses, so if my translation is weak one day they know it's a temporary thing. On the other hand, my Latin class is very different than last semester. Only two other students are from my same generation of students - the other three, fully half the class, have done upper year Latin before and are taking more in order to upgrade their degree or polish their languages for grad school. So that's pretty scary. And I have a "new" professor - I've had him for seven or eight other classes and I like him a lot, but I'd gotten used to Geyssen, and Kerr is just very different. He grades differently, and he runs a class differently - for one thing, he's really nice to me when I'm having bad moments, which is cool, but I'd prefer to not have bad moments at all. It's awful to sit in a room where I'm the least competent person there (not always true, but too often, it is). So I'm working harder at preparing.
In any case, I did muster up the guts to go to class, and did marginally better than last week, but it's still pretty rough. But I went, and that's the important thing.

2. It's snowing like crazy here, so our dye date didn't happen, and instead Sean and I sat around watching Star Trek Enterprise because Megan said it was pretty good, and I'd never given it a chance based on the terrible, awful theme song (it's THAT bad). So we've downloaded some, and it's not bad - particularly for being a first season of a Trek. They're pretty bad as a rule.

3. Tomorrow... assuming the snow lets up, work, class, and some other things.


Blogger dp said...

You are doing so well. You are so smart and normal things come so easy to you. I am so proud of you when I think of how hard you have worked for those languages and how many setbacks you have overcome to get where you are. When you talk about your new class and all the challenges you have, I am even more proud of you..especially knowing you as well as I do, and how shy you are in those situations. Baby steps, and maybe this is for a reason, being in a tougher class, so you will push even harder. Who knows. Nevertheless, I am so proud of you!

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