Thursday, January 10, 2008

winter routines

1. I really, really, really hate winters. I learned a few years back that, unchecked, I can sink into a winter torpor that means I just don't move for a few weeks/months, and obviously that is less acceptable when one has to do things like go to work and class and suchlike. Last winter I managed okay - a new relationship, plus being so busy from school and work that you have no time to feel blue, seems to help - but I have a feeling this winter will be harder. It's not so much depression as a total lack of motivation. It's an effort to finish the toe of a sock, let alone do homework.
So I'm trying to institute a 9 to 5 workday in my life, which I have to say is not doing so well thus far, but would probably solve some things. There is nothing so motivational as a good solid routine, and just being in the headspace to get work done for a pre-determined chunk of the day is a good idea. There is even a specific herbal tea I've gotten into the habit of drinking when I'm doing homework, and now I can't drink it when just sitting around without feeling like I ought to be hitting the books (Twinings green tea with lemon, for those who want to know - the best green tea I've ever found). My homework doesn't generally require the internet or a computer, so I'm thinking about cleaning off my desk of crafting things temporarily and making it a workstation; it worked really well last semester until my crafts exploded all over it. Of course, the bedroom is a complete disaster at the moment, but I can set it to rights this afternoon with some determined work.
I'm working really hard to set a good pattern for the semester right now because we're having a thaw, and my mood has improved immensely from the relative warmth, sun, and ability to wear my supercool trenchcoat.

2. Something about controlling one's diet makes really stupid things seem like excellent topics of conversation. I was waving my arms at Sean last night about how garlic contains only two calories per clove, so it's basically zero points, and went so far as to roast a head of garlic with a teaspoon of olive oil to see if it could be done (answer: YUM). Now, I love garlic, and the idea of being able to eat heaps of roasted garlic for one point seems like a big deal to me, but the truth of the matter is that most people do not eat garlic like we do and you come out sounding like a calorie-obsessed strigophobe*. Also, singing the praises of the single-serve packages of Crystal Lite seems like something that polite society might frown on.

*After hunting around a bit, I realized there is no actual word for someone who is afraid of vampires. So I did some research and made one. According to Wikipedia, there's a Greek word for a vampire-like flying creature, striges, which was turned into the Roman strix, which in turn became the Romanian term strigoi, and we all know that Romanians are the experts on vampires. Phobias tend to be formed from the Greek. And now you know.

3. Life's been pretty quiet here. Sean has a meeting today with Financial Aid to see what can be done about his situation, and spent last night putting together his resume. We've had fewer visitors, which is honestly a nice break, and have spent our free time cleaning, being quiet, and watching movies. Last night's was So I Married an Axe Murderer, which is pretty great, and the night before, we set up the VCR and watched Pollock, a biopic of Jackson Pollock. It was interesting, and we spent a long time talking about biopics and the perspectives from which they are written. I think we may have to rent some more.


Blogger dp said...

sooooo, have you accomplished another thing off your life list... inventing a new word. Strigophoebe... interesting.

Good luck to sean

I know I know... I am working and checking your blog. just a lull in the crazy so I thought I would.

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