Sunday, January 13, 2008

i can has classes?

1. Well, we didn't end up dying my hair last night, so no pictures today. Megan says my hair isn't greasy enough to dye, so we've made a dye date for tomorrow night. She has lots of time to kill right now - the STU strike has been extended twice now (to this past week, and then to Monday, which isn't going to happen either), and the current directive for students is "we're not going to set a date right now, but we'll let you know three days before you need to report to class". Megan's pretty bored, but luckily she has a new relationship to keep her entertained, and she's been picking up extra shifts at the movie store. Sean's second job will probably be working there too, because Megan was quietly promoted to a supervisor over the holidays (they didn't even tell her directly, which is weird) and she's pulling for him. It would be a crappy full time job, but it's a different story as a part time, and this way we get to rent movies and games for free, which is pretty cool, and he would get to work with Megan and occasionally bail her out of the shifts they schedule her for that are during her classes (on a side note, I wish I had a nickel for every time a McJob has promised someone I know that they will work around their schedule, and then managed to schedule every single shift during times when they are supposed to be in class. And, of course, being a McJob, there's almost never a coworker that is willing to trade shifts, because they are hateful. I am eternally grateful that I am not in the position of having to work McJobs anymore).

2. Having saved points all week in anticipation of using up a lot when Warren and Megan came over, I got to eat three pieces of pizza and just generally feel like a non-dieting slob, and still only went over the weekly total of flex points by three points. Three! Obviously I will work harder at the not-going-over but for a first week, coming down off of Christmas piggery, that's not so bad.

3. Today: CICEROOOO. I got back into Greek pretty fast on Thursday, after banging my head against it for a few hours, but my Latin is still pretty rusty from the break. And it doesn't help that we've been reading poetry, and now we're reading extremely sophisticated prose. I would like to stop looking like a complete moron in class, so today is Cicero Day.

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Blogger dp said...

Great Blog. Lots of good stuff. I love the news about Harry Potter... the best news, really. Also, really great about banking all those points. Not easy. I hope you really enjoyed the pizza. nice treat! I am making cabbage soup with some chicken in it, to help me with my week at school. Lunches are a pain, so if I have soup for lunch, already made, its so much easier on the brain, and soup is yummy in the winter. weird sneakers.

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