Friday, January 18, 2008

finding my feet

1. Today was a pretty good day. I memorized all the countries (and their capitals) in Central and South America for a Latin America quiz, went to school, wrote the quiz in twenty minutes (I had eight more countries than she had spaces for, though - do you think that's a bad thing?), caught the bus downtown, went to work for an hour, and effectively finished my running around town by 2, which is the way we like it.
This evening was even more remarkable. I snapped and had a maple curry for supper (there may have been some death threats in Sean's direction involved) and from the power of cream, curry and syrup, managed to finish a Greek composition exercise and thirty lines of Cicero in three hours flat. Last semester that would have been a six hour task, and so far this semester, it's been even worse, generally running on into the morning. And you know what? I didn't even go over my points for the day, maple curry or no. Ha!

2. The sock is progressing well; tonight I finished the gussets and tomorrow I start the heel (these backwards heels are too weird!). Surprisingly, Sean is actually enjoying Enterprise as much as I am, so it's becoming our after-homework turning-off-the-brains treat in the evening. Tonight I played the theme song for him to demonstrate why the show sank - I had to wait until we were solidly halfway through the first season to make sure he wouldn't abandon it immediately upon hearing it. Worst. Star. Trek. Theme. Ever.

3. Tomorrow: class, writing cover letters, and then to Will's to play D&D. Probably I'll run across the street to the Arts Centre in the evening during a break and pop in to the NBCC's opening for Bloom, our new solo exhibition. The opening should be pretty fun, and though the show wasn't up today when I went in, Beth's work is beautiful (we bought Shasta a ring of Beth's as a going-away present) and well worth a visit.


Blogger dp said...

I am so pleased that you are successful in your days. Greek, Latin, knitting, & Points. You can make Maple Curry using less fat cream and still enjoy it. Why give up something you love when you know you will eat it the rest of your life. You just need to make room for it... thats all

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