Wednesday, January 16, 2008


1. If I could do as well in Latin and Greek as I did today, everyday, I would be a pretty happy person. I seem to have found my feet again, which is an awesome feeling. Looking at a page of Latin and seeing something other than a bunch of letters on a page is kind of nice. There's definitely room for improvement, but I feel so relieved.

2. Yesterday I was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog and read her story of knitting an insane little leaf, then a toe of a sock that had a hole shaped like the outline of the leaf, then sewing it into place, then knitting the stem of the leaf, then - dropping the sock and having it all unravel. It's an awful story and most knitters end up with awful stories like that eventually.
I started some fairly simple socks the other day. They're going to basically be knee high stockingette socks, no patterned bits (the yarn is self-striping), knit from the toes up with split toes like this pattern, a faux flap heel like this pattern, and leg shaping like this pattern. I've been using my Knitpicks wooden sock circulars, which are colourful and slick and light and don't hurt my hands - a big improvement on the already awesome Addi Turbo circulars I had. And then this happened:
They got stepped on. See the stick jabbed into the sock? that's supposed to be connected to the silver bit at the end of the purple cable. There's no fix, really, which means I'm back to the Addis. Luckily they're the same size. Farewell, Knitpicks circs. I hardly knew ye.

3. More pictures!This is a picture I took a couple of weeks ago. This is out our bedroom window. Mainly (and you may want to click on the picture to actually see this) I wanted to get a picture of the very top of the snowdrift, which has naturally formed a Tim Burton curl at the top somehow. Also, the wall behind it? You see the shiny rectangles? That's ice that forms on the wall, which is completely smooth. It just sort of forms the pattern of brickwork out of ice when it gets icicle-y.
And what is a blog, without gratuitous pictures of cats? This was just after I cut a futon mattress in half to make our couch and a pouffe. The burgundy thing is the pouffe, and this is the cats refusing to share it.

4. Not much to say for myself today; aside from class and making a big pot of chili, things are more or less the same around here. Tomorrow will be work and class, and then resume-writing and Greek composition and all sorts of things.


Blogger dp said...

Can you take back your kntting needles to the store... will they take pity on ya

You have two cats? I don't believe it!!

I am happy for you that the latin and greek are starting to come easier again!

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