Saturday, January 12, 2008

sick note

1. So, looking back at the first week of attempting to blog every day, I'm less than impressed with myself - two days, including yesterday, went without blogs. I do have an excuse, though. I was supposed to come home from school and potter about - clean, blog, so forth - and then have Megan and Warren over for an evening of dying my hair and general fun. Unfortunately, I came home feeling out of sorts, and tried to sleep it off before deciding at about six to cancel plans and go to the hospital. I won't go into icky details, but it's no big deal - just an infection that needed antibiotics. Of course, the emergency room is never less than a three hour wait, so I brought a book (and didn't bring Sean, which confused him. I don't see the point of bringing company to the emergency room unless you actually need help, but his previous girlfriend dragged him in every time she had heartburn). They gave me a Tylenol 3 for discomfort, so I floated through half of the Papers of Samuel Marchbanks while I waited. Luckily it ended up only being three hours, despite the icy sidewalks that took out no fewer than three men (lots of broken ankles and nasty bruises), and the waiting room doctor was a sweetheart. When I got home I was in no mood for blogging, though, so I went to bed.

2. Today has been pretty quiet, which is alright by me. I'm feeling way better, and got in my two hours at work for the week (we're moving two hours to next weekend so I can keep the gallery open in the evening for an event), and now I'm contemplating supper and a sewing project before Megan and Warren come over to play beauty parlour (me and Megan, anyway - I suspect Warren will be playing Wii with Sean).


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