Saturday, January 19, 2008

gopher quest

1. Another banner day for doing the things on my to-do list... I actually felt really well-prepared for my languages today, and had work-study cover letters ready to pass in. I suppose it's not a good thing that organization feels so novel.

2. Sean has also had a really organized past few days. Probably the best bits so far have been conversations with Financial Services. In the end, there are very few issues they aren't willing to talk through. They've done up an emergency loan for him, which he'll need to pay back sometime before September, but between now and then $800 should be relatively easy to scrape up, and after that it's $900 which can be paid over a couple of months, and may actually be paid off completely with a bursary. The school has need-based bursaries, up to a maximum of $1000, and he applied for one in November; you don't actually find out until February, but I really think he has an excellent chance of landing one. The Financial Services people have been very kind to him, and they're the same people who make those decisions - and it's a need based bursary. I think the need is pretty intense.
Oh, and the reason it's so little money is because he's only taking three courses. Full time tuition costs more. Interestingly enough, three courses counts as full time school for the purposes of a student loan.

3. The weather was gross today - lots of snow, then hail/freezing rain for the afternoon - but we braved the weather and visited Will to play D&D. It's kind of awesome to be able to just hang out and be geeky somewhere other than our house (absolutely everyone else we know tends to visit us instead of inviting us over) and Will and Marie are good fun. Our current quest involves finding a sentient gopher that lives under an herbalist's tree for some dryads so we can contact a weird and ask it how to foil the evil plan of a witch who keeps sending bats to watch us. Trust me, it's fun.


Blogger dp said...

Great news on Sean's courses. Has he been going to them all along? Or can he only start when he gets money? I totally don't know how these things work. Good luck on the Gopher hunt. Use a GPS and it may be easier, or are there rules against that?

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