Monday, January 07, 2008

bad news

1. Today was sort of a letdown. Thanks to the random roof traffic in the middle of the night sort of freaking me out, I didn't really get enough sleep, and probably because of that, I left my coffee at home by accident. My Greek class was down one classmate instead of up one (we were supposed to gain an unknown Quebecois fellow, but there's no sign of him) and we got hit with a big lump of homework; my Latin class is down three of my former classmates, but up two unexpected extras, and - yes - lumps there too. Intro Myth was fun, mainly because I haven't surprised Geyssen quite so effectively in months (generally, students in their sixth year do not take intro classes in their field of studies), but was quickly stomped by the realization that I may not be allowed to take it because I took an upper year "myth" class years ago, which was transformed into an archaeology class by the professor because she preferred things that way.
Also, Doreen, my favourite coffee lady, fell over Christmas and broke her arm in three places, and will be out until September, missing my whole last semester. I think Neil, Sean, and I will probably send her flowers.

2. So all that aside, today is not a very good day for completely other reasons. Sean doesn't have a student loan this year, for complex reasons, and his grandfather set him up with some money in September, but it was always dicey that it would be enough, even with working. It has become apparent that there's just no way his tuition is going to get paid this semester unless one of us sells a kidney, so he's not going to get to school this semester.
There are lots of reasons this isn't so bad. First, school sucks in the winter semester. Second, he had a lot of trouble finding courses that he wants or needs this semester - most of the good economics courses aren't offered every year, and this appears to be not a good year. Third, he had planned to try to do summer session anyway - he really enjoyed it before - and this way he can work through the winter semester and definitely be able to attend through the summer, when they may even offer a better course selection for him.
Of course, it sucks, because he was actually pretty pumped about school, and also this means he has to take Arts 1000 again next year (when he will again qualify for a student loan, by the way) because it's a full year course.

3. The rest of today has been a fairly quiet time. A little study, some catching up on House, a short visit with Megan and her newly official boyfriend, Warren. Megan, by the way, is one of the STU kids who just found out that classes have been postponed another week, to start a full two weeks late. She's pretty unhappy, because she just got accepted into STU's fairly elite journalism program and now this is cutting into it.
So yeah. Sean and I are adjusting to the new worldview pretty well, but I can't say it hasn't been a pretty grim day.


Blogger dp said...

How disappointing for Sean. I don't completely understand university life, but I am totally baffled by this new development!
That will make things tougher, but if Sean gets a job right away, then things will be a bit easier for both of you. Does this mean he can't work for UNB anymore either?

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