Sunday, January 06, 2008


1. Along with new possessions comes the need to purge. Luckily, we don't own very many things, but have a lot of clutter in the form of last semester's notes, last year's eggs, etc, so we purged garbage instead of things I might actually miss. Really, we could have done more, but I feel good about the living room's level of organization, if not its actual level of neat-and-tidy. Tallying up the cords for the semi-permanent fixtures of the living room, we actually need thirteen outlet plugs, instead of four. This means a lot of re-wiring, in the least flammable sort of manner possible, and I think I've pulled it off successfully. Almost everything now has a plug, for example. Tomorrow's project will be the kitchen, which has fewer needs, but even fewer viable outlets (try one, plus two more annoyingly high up on the far wall).

2. I'm also rewiring my brain from the eat-whatever-whenever of the holidays to something more sane. Eugh.

3. Tomorrow is the first day of school for 2008; I'm looking forward to my two languages and an intro mythology class with Professor Geyssen. Sean, the lucky brat, has no classes on Monday, but he still needs to go in to work at his job. I'll let you know how it works out, but I'm already pretty optimistic... I get to start my day a whole hour later in the morning! And I have coffee in my house!


Blogger dp said...

Sounds like things will be when you wake, and an extra hour at home in the morning.. yipee. Good luck at class

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