Sunday, January 27, 2008


1. The job interview yesterday went relatively well; I hope they hire me, because the more I hear about being the assistant curator of the children's literature research collection, the more fun it sounds - maybe not everyone's idea of fun, I suppose, but cataloging and shelving and so forth would be a peaceful way to spend ten hours every week, and the women who interviewed me were very nice. Unfortunately they're interviewing other people, too, which could be a very bad thing for my chances; an education student would rate higher than an anth/classics honours any day, for example. I'll hear by the end of Tuesday, I gather.
The rest of yesterday was pretty tame. I was feeling rattled from class and the interview (job interviews never feel good right afterwards) and inexplicably exhausted, so we postponed D&D and stayed in. It was a nice night, but very quiet up to the end, when Stu wandered in, having locked himself out of his new apartment, and asked to stay on our couch. He's moving in really close to our old apartment, and I think it'll be a good move for him.

2. Today is Saturday, and that means work at the NBCC. I had a particularly productive day today - it was e-News day, and the new version of the website was ready to be uploaded, which kept me quite busy. John called and asked me to let Amy know he needed materials to bring to the Atlantic Craft Trade Show (he always wanders around recruiting for the council at events like that) so I put together a big file of brochures and so on and brought it over to his store on my way home.

3. Sean's away this weekend, so I'm trying to keep busy. In the past I've knit a hat in a night while he was away; today I spent all afternoon sewing a new schoolbag. I'm trying to decide whether black and white hibiscus is too loud for me, but I'm pretty happy with it anyway. It's based on a design by an independent designer on Etsy called gogovivi (here) but I didn't have a lot of choice for fabric, basically just having the stuff I had laying around in the house. I also really wanted some sort of fun clasp instead of just tying the straps; I'll see about finding something at a later date. So here it is tied up:
and when you untie it, you can see that it unfolds to a deep tote (fully lined)...

... with enough room to fit all of my school books, plus whatever else I feel like stuffing in it.
4. My insane socks have been growing more or less steadily all week, having been ripped back many times for sizing issues. The first sock is nearing the end of its leg shaping; just below the knee, there's going to be two inches of ribbing as a garter to keep them from slipping down, and then a black band to fold down over the ribbing like kilt hose. Pics:

5. Caturday! Tonks poses on the dresser with the other cats:

and Parallax begs me to turn on the shower so she can suck shower water out of the tub.

Of course I turned it on for her. Look at that sad little face.


Anonymous Jill said...

Love, love, love the bag...what would I have to do to get me one of those????

9:06 PM  

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