Sunday, October 21, 2007

these things are sent to test us

1. Some days just feel like they are designed to provoke as much annoyance as possible. Yesterday was one such day.
I stayed at work until 6. I wasn't really supposed to, if things had gone according to plan; my hours for the week were up at 2, and Kate was supposed to stop in at some point and, if things were busy, take over minding the gallery. However, things were busy all day, and Kate didn't show up at all. I couldn't justify kicking people out of the gallery in order to go home and lounge around, as there was an actual event taking place at the centre. So I stayed.
The problem with the centre is that most of the traffic we get is from the dance studio - small, energetic children and their parents. We have stuck most of the tippy pottery to the plinths with sticky tack because people tend to walk in and admire the art while absently saying "don't touch anything, honey" and letting their kids run shrieking around the the $3000 vases. It makes me tense, and when I'm tense and watching people I can't really get any work done, so it took me a lot longer to get my work done than it really should.
Towards the end of the afternoon the traffic changed from children to art people, who tend to run around less, but took no less attention because they have a lot of questions about the work (which is fine) and about craftspeople they used to know (I'm not much help, not least because some of the people they ask about are dead or long since moved away). One man sang me a song about a whale.
Meanwhile, I was struggling to make a new e-News template because Kate doesn't like the one we've been using. I had to redo the whole thing a few times, which is frustrating, and then, as I left for the night and sent the finished product out to the membership, it messed up in a way it hadn't every other time I had tested it with the same program.
Not much of a Saturday, really. I had high hopes of getting to redo the living room, but ended up having just enough energy to haul all the furniture to where I want before collapsing into bed and watching Star Wars. It's a measure of the how hard the fates were working to annoy me that Sean went out to rent the classic trilogy and someone had rented the only copy of Empire. I understand that it's the best one, but why only rent the second movie of a trilogy? Ugh.

2. Today: Latinning at Reads, because I have no internet and I need it to do my work. We're going to see Megan briefly this afternoon - she's been working like a fiend and having an awful week personally as well as all her classes - and we had planned to have Danielle over this evening to teach her how to make pecan pie, but she's probably not going to be able to come at this rate because she needs to go see her grandmother. If she does, I doubt we will be able to make pie, because it will be quite late and her grandmother tends to upset her a bit.
So I'll probably just do more Latin, and hopefully make pillows for the living room, set it in order, put things on the walls and take pictures for y'all.


Blogger dp said...

Your Saturday sounds like it was a bit of a stresser! Darn. I hope today is better for you!!!
$3000 vases, balancing on Plinths, with a blob of sticky tack... agains little children ... I would be stressed too.

2:26 PM  

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