Saturday, October 20, 2007

it's not my fault

1. Seriously, it isn't. When I got home from work yesterday (why was I at work? don't ask) the internet we've been liberating from our neighbours had been passworded, cutting me off from any ability to blog (or, incidentally, do Latin homework). At this point I'm getting worn down from this pursuit of free internet, and might actually be persuaded to pay for it by Monday.
So I'll try to hit a thousand words today to make up for yesterday, but honestly I can't make any promises. I'm at work, which means I technically have better things to be doing, but there's a big art thing going on today at the Arts Centre (where we are located), and if it's slow (as I suspect it might be, being a rainy sort of Saturday) I might have some time.

2. So what did we do in the land of no internet last night? We went out to Will's to play D&D, of course. I spent every Friday night of Grade 11 playing D&D, so this "I'm such a loser that I have a standing arrangement for D&D on Friday nights" feeling is oddly familiar. It coincides with the Classics society movie night, which is unfortunate, but there's another problem: Kristine, with whom I had a couple of memorably stressful classes last year, has assumed leadership of the Anthropology Society and, despite being a Classical Studies honours herself, decided to run a last-minute Anth movie night on the same night. I think it's a poorly thought out sort of thing, as there are an awful lot of people with both Classics and Anthropology interests, but she's just sort of plowing ahead with it anyway, so D&D is a safe third option. It's just unfortunate that all the organized social opportunities in my life are all scheduled for the same day.
We're playing an odd sort of campaign for me. I've never played a druid or a halfling before, and while Sean has lots of experience with halflings, he's never played a bard before. We're playing with a girl named Marie, who is pretty comfortable with her halfling rogue but is still pretty new at the game in general. We're having a good time, though - Will's an excellent DM (Dungeon Master, the one who organizes the adventures), and we have a lot of choice to go in whatever direction we want. Currently we're helping a group of refugees hiding in a cave; their food supply was being raided by a band of kobolds deeper in the cave. Those kobolds will never raid anyone again, but there is a big nasty monitor lizard back there still. Oh well.

3. The open house is surprisingly busy, though mostly we're getting cafe patrons and parents of children in the dance classes that go on all day. Amusingly, most of them come in and start oohing over the board table, not the exhibition. It is a pretty cool board table, I admit.
I'm redesigning our electronic newsletter, which is almost as riveting as it sounds. Unfortunately I have to make all my own graphics, etcetera, so this will take a long time. I'm modeling it on the UNB Student e-News and also the local Art News to try to make something more informative than the UNB one and less unwieldy than the Art News, both of which are vastly superior to our current layout anyway.

4. I suspect today will be the day I get new batteries and rearrange the living room. I prefer to do things with the living room when Sean isn't home, which is odd, but I know he's the same way; yesterday while I was at work he took everything out of the storage closet, organized it, and put it back before I got home (now we can close the door!).
Perhaps I will send him out into the world to check out great big secondhand desks. He's come to the realization that he needs a desk, and I'm pretty firmly entrenched in mine (dead language charts and sewing supplies everywhere tend to discourage casual desk borrowing) so we're going to find one for him and put it in the bedroom where we currently have a big red chair and nothing else. Our bedroom has turned into a workshop/homework area as well as sleep (and we often watch movies in bed on laptops), while the living room is more of a public space for when we have people over (which is more often than you'd think, even though Porter has his own apartment now and thus doesn't tend to visit anymore, let alone sleep on the floor).
What am I going to do with the living room? Well, it will involve boxes, lamps, pillow making, and finally putting things up on the wall. You'll see. Or I'll move things around and decide it was a bad idea and put it all back and never mention it again. We'll see.

5. Discussion for the day: What should I be for Halloween? I think I may attempt to go to the Classics Society Halloween party, which is a costume-mandatory event. It's next Friday, so I don't have a lot of time, but enough to pull together most things. Seeing as it's the Classics Society, a Classically themed costume would be fun, but I'm not that choosy. If I had my own archaeologist trowels I could be an archaeologist, but unfortunately I don't. I have a few odd things that could be scraped together for a non-Classical costume as a last resort, but maybe you have better ideas?


Blogger dp said...

Very good hint, which I am not opposed to.
Kelly is going to be cleopatria and James... the other guy. With the armor and tights. James likes the tights thing. They are already planning next year, James will be Alice and Kelly will be the Madd Hatter!... James in leotards... I think I see a theme. So... you.... classics.... Why not that tomb raider chick... or Indiana Jones (neither are classics) um....I will think on it. Darn about the internet. Maybe you and the other guy you first made contact with, can make a sharsie deal of some sort.

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