Thursday, October 18, 2007

rebuilding to serve you better

1. Seriously, how poorly built could the Prospect Macdonald's be if they had to tear it down right to the foundations and rebuild it from scratch? It's currently a large hole in the ground, surrounded by fences that have billboards reading "We take care of our employees. You should be one" and "Rebuilding to Serve You Better". It seems to be a common theme in the area, though - the Fredericton mall has been ripped to bits and turned into a weird big-box strip mall.

2. So today I went shopping uptown, mainly just to get black beans in bulk (Sean is going to turn them into refried beans this weekend, omgyum) and to get leggings. Now, I haven't worn leggings since I was in about grade seven (though god knows I lived in them) and as a loyal reader of Go Fug Yourself, I should know better, but come on. I wear pretty much nothing but skirts, even in the winter, and it's Canada. Worse, it's Fredericton, where the wind comes whistlin' across the hill at eye-bitingly cold temperatures starting in about November. They didn't have any plain black ones, but I'm now the proud owner of grey argyle and black-and-grey striped leggings. And about two pounds of black beans, and heaps of arborio rice, dried shiitake mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, couscous... bulk food is a lot more fun when you live with someone who can actually cook. Though, to my credit, I made couscous and egg curry for supper. (Yeah, so, the hardboiled eggs turned out soft boiled and the curry came from a package, SHUT UP, I made the couscous fair and square.)

3. This evening I'm working on quite the backlog of Latin. Enough that I'll be working on it until the small hours of the morning and then getting up in the slightly larger hours of the morning to keep working on it. The morning Latin has been a habit for a year or so now, because I work a lot better under pressure and the translating comes easier when my mind is blearier, but evening Latin too? It's my own fault for getting behind, I suppose, but really. Is it so much to ask to be able to do the homework for my other classes, too?

4. Tomorrow will be more fun than today, almost any way you slice it. It starts with pre-Latin translating, then Latin, and World Lit, and then I’m going in to work briefly to meet with Kate about making a computer use test for the new admin assistant. From there… I plan to rearrange the living room, which is way more fun than it sounds. Really. I have no idea why I find it so fun to play with the layout of our living space, but I suspect it has to do with my settling-in-for-winter mood lately. Every fall I start trying to nest; this year Tonks is getting in on it as well and trying to shred paper in the middle of the night, presumably out of some confused kitten-bearing instinct. Or out of annoyance that we are sleeping and therefore not moving around being interesting to goggle at. Who can tell what lurks behind those eyes?


Blogger dp said...

Maybe you have the stirrings of the "Gramma Joanie Gene", where you want to move every 6 months, but its just manifested itself into just moving the furniture around (for now....your young!!).
coucous, dried mushrooms, curry, beans... sounds like my old "granola co-op days" when I bulk shopped all those "fruit & flake items" with the locals..... ahh those were the days. All you need to add to the grocery order was the blue chips!!!

6:15 AM  
Blogger Jill MacDonald said...

Hey Steph...I have never checked out go fug yourself...had a good laugh this morning...thanks!

7:47 AM  

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