Tuesday, June 26, 2007


1. A very merry midweek to all. The weather here is tempestuous and sort of muggy, so this will probably be a shortish post, as my head feels as though it's about to split open and has for a few hours.
All is well with work; the office is quite busy these days. At home, we're packing and trying to keep cool, which is not a very easy pair of activities to coordinate.

2. Half of the reason for this post is just a nod to a fun visit over the weekend - Sean's sister Aine and her boyfriend Matt came to visit Sunday night and brought their dogs, Nula:And Sam:As you might expect, it was a very exciting day for the cats. We couldn't find Tonks to hide her, and just assumed she wouldn't have been so silly as to hide in the living room; an hour after the dogs had arrived, they went out for a walk and Sean found Tonks quaking under the futon. She was only too happy to get hidden away in the office.
Parallax, on the other hand, was delighted to meet the dogs, and followed them around inquisitively: until she got bored and attacked Sam on his blind side (he only has one eye). We put her away for the dogs' protection after that.

3. The other half of the reason for this post? My own little cat film festival. Here's a flip book of Parallax (I tried to make it into an animated gif but it just wouldn't work properly):

And a film of Tonks being adorable (the money is definitely in the second half of the clip):


Blogger mickermoodles said...

lol poor tonks, just can't get comfy on the hard floooor. certainly is a cutie tho!

7:04 AM  
Blogger dp said...

good luck on the move tomorrow... I expect pictures...wish I was there

9:55 PM  
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