Sunday, June 03, 2007

if you like doughnuts... delicious doughnuts...

1. Well, yeah. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. What a surprise. I have a handy excuse, though - I seem to have picked up some sort of un-fun cold on my travels (I suspect on the plane, but no, I wasn't flying home via Prague, so I rather doubt it's drug resistant TB) and have been spending a lot of time sleeping it off. The part I feel bad about is that Sean caught it from me, and so he's been coughing his lungs up. He came home early from work yesterday and we spent the day sleeping or alternating between House and the extended Lord of the Rings Trilogy. So now we're to the end of Season Three and the end of the Two Towers, respectively. Not what you'd really call productive, but we're both much better today.

2. A note about commercials. We haven't had cable for about a year and a half, and so I download Tivo'd episodes of a couple shows we enjoy; the only real difference is that we can watch things on our schedule and we don't have to watch commercials (and I don't get caught in things like CSI marathons for six hour blocks of my life).
They say that children who grow up in a relatively "dirty" environment have fewer illnesses and allergies from the cumulative exposure to germs and fungus. Similarly, when I lived with a houseful of smokers, smoke didn't really bother me; now that I live in a smoke free house, it really bothers me.
Since we've started watching TV sans commercials, I find that commercials and advertising grab my eye like hooks. Most people can tune these things out, or just passively notice them, but I can get interrupted midthought and just stare.
I find that a little disturbing, and I'm not sure if I should be watching more commercials for my mental health, or less.

3. In the evening we went for a walk to the grocery store, because Sean, of all people, was craving food. Of the two of us, he definitely needs it more, but I'm the one who does most of the grocery shopping because I think about food so much - normally he'll just cook whatever he finds in the fridge whenever he remembers to eat (how do people actually forget meals?). But being sick has thrown him off and he actually wants to eat.
So we bought some basic pasta and rice, and then, in a moment of hazy, cold-addled weakness, walked into the ice cream aisle, and I discovered that Breyer's makes "Fried Ice Cream". It's cinnamony and caramelly and tastes exactly like deep fried ice cream from Mexi's, except it comes in a tub. Oh no.

4. So here it is Sunday, and I'm cleaning out my computer and also plotting to clean the living room and maybe even face the beast that is my clothing pile. Sean's at work for a few hours, so I'm hoping to surprise him with a cleaner home when he gets back, but that might be overly optimistic. I'm still feeling hazy and lazy and coughy, with the emphasis on lazy. But it needs to get done sooner or later.

5. This absolutely rocks my socks. Natalie Dee is pretty awesome, as I've mentioned in the past, but the very best has to be videos involving her dogs, or in this case, lots of dogs including hers.


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